Dr. Kevin Young is a speaker, writer, and pastor known for his creativity, wit, transparency, and passion to communicate truth in ways that captivate and motivate others to action. Kevin serves as the Senior Minister of JupiterFIRST Church in Jupiter, Florida.

  • ICON_Cross2Having led in churches around the country ranging in size from 1,300 to 30,000, Kevin brings strong know-how to the pastorate. He has a deep love for the local church and has seen tremendous success in some of the most difficult ministry situations.
  • ICON_Podium2Kevin is a one-of-kind speaker with experience in conference, seminar, and event settings. Before the pastorate, Kevin spent more than 15 years in media communications. He leverages that deep experience to connect with audiences in dramatic ways.
  • ICON_Feather2Kevin is a strong writer with a knack for creative storytelling. He has a gift for drawing the reader into the story, connecting with them on a deep, emotional level. His goal is to create an environment where the reader will experience deep spiritual transformation.
“Hemingway believed the best stories could be told in six words or less. Here is mine:
Jesus changes everything!

the 411.

A life-long learner, Kevin continually challenges himself to remain culturally fresh, broadly educated, and deeply authentic. Kevin holds a Doctor of Ministry in Semiotics and Future Studies from Portland Seminary, where his work on Early Church spiritual formation was awarded the rare honor of exemplary distinction.

Kevin is also a graduate of Cedarville University and Dallas Theological Seminary, where he holds degrees in Biblical Studies, Visual Communications, and Church Educational Leadership.

As a pastor, Kevin is a visionary leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is strongly gifted in encouragement, teaching, shepherding, and administration. He is also known for his joy, positive outlook, sense of humor, and especially his roaring laugh.

Having done extensive work in turn-around situations, Kevin has become a seasoned and effective leader in difficult waters. Over the years, he has skillfully and artfully walked congregations through some of the toughest circumstances imaginable.

Having spent more than 15 years in creative media work, Kevin has excellent communication skills. He is a gifted teacher, able to communicate truth in creative ways, with wit and transparency, in order to captivate and motivate. His messages are one-of-a-kind, engaging, and relevant.

Kevin is passionate about ensuring that every message is culturally-sensitive, practically-focused, and biblically-grounded. He is talented at tailoring talks that are just-right for the makeup of his audience, and he has the unique ability to connect with audiences both young and old.

Kevin enjoys spending time with his amazing wife Sally and their four crazy kiddos: Libbie, Lucy, Harris, and Matthew. Sally is a former Student Minister who is a talented speaker and leader in her own right.

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Kevin accepts a limited number of speaking engagements each year at various conferences and churches.



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