R.I.P. Andy Rooney

I’ve been a fan of Andy Rooney for a long time. Perhaps it was his wit, perhaps his wisdom, perhaps the eyebrows. Mostly, I think it was this: He looked a lot like my grandfather and said things I wished I had the guts to say… not to mention an uncanny ability to see humor and idiocy in the mere mundane. And just perhaps, this was what captured all of our hearts. In many ways he looked like all of our grandfathers and said things that we all wish we had the guts to say.

Whatever the reason, this lovable curmudgeon was always honest and frank, qualities hard to come by—and greatly unappreciated—today. Not to mention his enormous platform. Andy had the honor and good fortune of summing up the greatest news program of all time, “60 Minutes,” every week. Though I have always loved 60 Minutes for its methodical and in-depth coverage of stories, I’d often find myself fast-forwarding through world leaders and stories of heroism just to get to the real brilliance, Andy.

Amazingly, Andy had been writing for television since its birth. There really aren’t any long-timers like him left around. And though time and television passed him by, he remained largely unchanged. There was no shortage of things that annoyed or baffled him and he covered as many as he could.

Rooney retired just a few weeks ago. And then he died. Columnist Froma Harrop penned it well in writing: “It was basically like he said he was through and ‘now I’m leaving.’” Said another reporter: “R.I.P. Andy… I bet God’s getting an earful right now.”

During his last segment, Andy reflected, “This is a moment I have dreaded. I wish I could do this forever…”

So do we Andy. So do we.