About Kevin

Hailing originally from Indiana, I was born the opening day of deer season in the year Elvis died. Growing up in the rural Midwest afforded me a rather odd mix of childhood adventures like mushroom hunting, well-witching, and cow tipping.

It’s amazing I turned out relatively normal.

My only real claim to fame is that I’m a direct descendant of Pocahontas. I tried sports. But I proved too skill-deficient for T-Ball and quit after 3 years. I also tried Basketball for one season in the fourth grade but only touched the ball twice (once was with my head).

I attended a private Christian school through 5th grade and eventually (after much pleading) wound up in public education. I’ve put the horror of Junior High out of mind, so there is a gap in my memory lasting from Fayette Central Elementary to Connersville High School.  It was there, in High School, where I found media and theatre… what would become dual passions.

Knowing I wanted to attend a Christian university I wound up at Cedarville College. There I pursued media and one of my other great loves, theology. Not wanting to make a decision between the two I ended up with a double-major and little direction in life.

So I did what most people do in those circumstances: started a Master’s program. Dallas Seminary looked inviting and educational, so I packed up and moved to the Lone Star State. I didn’t have an apartment, friends, or any money to speak of, but God met me there. People often ask what brought me to Texas… to which I respond: U-Haul.

Three years later I found myself in a cap and gown again, this time for a Master of Arts in Christian Education. By that time I’d been ordained and had held down a sweet job in a megachurch during my entire schooling. The world looked bright…

… but the church situation turned grim and I ran like Forest Gump to get away from it. Five months of running led me to Alabama and my first experiences in a non-denominational/independent/community church: Mountaintop.

It also led me to my wife, Sally. The most amazing girl on the planet and I challenge you to prove me wrong. She is everything that I ever wanted and even more than that, everything that I didn’t know I needed. In a phrase: God’s biggest blessing to my life… E V E R.

Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better, along came Libbie in 2007.  What a sweetheart of a little girl.  2009 brought Lucy, and boy do I Love Lucy.  She has an amazing personality.  2010 brought a little guy named Harris that has stolen his mom’s heart and, lord help us, the Young household is gonna be chaos for a few years!

I’ve realized, thanks to basketball and other motor-skill related blunders, that I’m more gifted at communication than self-coordination. Since that time I’ve passionately pursued two seemingly divergent paths in life: Media and Ministry. Having been educated in both fields, I’m as seemingly happy shooting a video as I am preaching a sermon. It’s weird, I know, but it seems to work for me. If you ask me what my goal in life is, I’ll typically make a random joke, then answer with “To communicate Divine truth in a way that hits between the eyes and spears the heart.”

And really, that’s my only goal in life (other than to down as much Vanilla Coke and sweet tea as possible).

In what spare time I do have, I enjoy going to the gym, playing tennis, watching reality television, eating Twizzlers and being with my amazing and phenomenal wife Sally.
Rev Kev


And, for those stalkers who can’t get enough:

FAVORITE MOVIES… the LOTR, OfficeSpace, Ernest Goes to Camp, National Treasure (and basically EVERYTHING else by Jerry Bruckheimer), Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me, Camp, Steel Magnolias, Alien trilogy, UHF, Austin Powers trifecta, Christmas Vacation, Empire Records, the Passion of the Christ, Muppet Christmas Carol (as well as the other Muppet movies), Rat Race, Jurrasic Park triad, Spanglish, Police Academy series, the Wedding Singer, and of course Dead Poet’s Society.

FAVORITE MUSIC… Petra, Journey, U2, James Blunt, Maroon 5, Elton John, Brooks & Dunn, Coldplay, GooGoo Dolls, George Straight, Keane, Lakewood, Michael W. Smith, Harvest, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and anything on AbsoluteRadio UK.

FAVORITE BOOKS… Disappointment with God-Phillip Yancey, Lord of the Rings-J.R. Tolkien, The Stand-Stephen King, Lectures to my Students-C.H. Spurgeon, Charlotte’s Web-E.B. White, Feeding and Leading-Kenneth Gangel, Spiritual Leadership-J. Oswald Sanders, The Seven Laws of the Learner-Bruce Wilkinson, Knowing God-J.I. Packer, and anything Choose Your Own Adventure.

FAVORITE PLAYS/MUSICALS… Guys and Dolls, the Nerd, Prisoner of Second Avenue, 1776, Little Shop of Horrors, a Christmas Carol, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, The 39 Steps, Sister Act, Les Mis.

updated: May 6, 2013


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