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  • In 20 years of church life, it was not until you began preaching that I fully got it. Jesus and me became real! Your preaching made Jesus come alive in my life and in my family. —J.Z.
  • You were not only my husband’s friend but also the man who helped him come to Christ. Thank you for your comfort and hope when he passed last year. —B.L.
  • I sat one night with my laptop open and randomly came upon one of your sermons. Your message that particular day spoke so personally to me that I knew I had found a new church. —A.C.
  • You were the first pastor in our lives that didn’t bash other churches and actually brought unity in your messages to ALL believers.—K.P.

I will never forget when I came to meet with you. I was struggling with why bad things happen to good people and especially children. You looked at me right in the eye and said “I don’t know either”. I had always been skeptical and will never be able to convey how much of a perfect answer that was. I was always used to being told, “you just need to believe.” You were a once in a lifetime Pastor.

There is nothing that a good pastor, a good church, and a great God can’t accomplish together.

Of all of the pastors I have had the opportunity to hear speak, I must say I learned the most from you. When it came to the early church history and all of the history behind what really happened in those early biblical times, especially. You amazed me. Most Pastors do not explain things the way that you do, and when you do it puts so much more meaning into what the Bible means and what God is saying. I always stayed attentive because I never wanted to miss out on something that would enlighten me and help me on my spiritual journey.

  • I personally just want you to know that the time I have spent under your pastoral leadership was very influential to my walk with God. I have made it to my goal of being in ministry school. —N.N.
  • You have presented God to me in a way that made me thirsty for more, and couldn’t wait to hear you share his word. I’ve never felt God’s presence more than I feel him when you speak. —R.S.
  • Very few people can move the needle. They come into our lives unexpectedly. You have moved the needle! We hope you can be our pastor forever. —D.B.
  • I witnessed an amazing growth of members and attendees that came to hear you preach God’s word. You have uniquely taught us how to have a personal relationship with Christ.—V.S.

You transformed our church, provided a clear vision, and set us in a new and positive direction. Our family valued what you brought to us through your inspirational teachings and creative approaches to teaching the word of God. You helped us open our eyes and hearts to Christ.

“Kevin has natural gifts of expressing himself. His spirit and energy are a tremendous asset. His relational and group-building skills are also some of the best I’ve seen.”LEONARD SWEET, author and theologian
  • A month or two ago I remember you took a couple of weekends off. My wife and I were pulling into the church parking lot on a Sunday morning and she excitedly said she thought you were going to be back this morning and preaching. I replied “Good! I haven’t been convicted for 3 weeks!” It’s funny because I said that jokingly but it really kind of sums up to me how much God has used you as a driving force in so many lives, including ours. —J.J.
  • I really admire the way that you lead the church, not by ignoring issues or giving pat answers, but by struggling with us. I don’t know if that sounds weird to say, but sometimes it is frustrating to hear leaders or pastors speak about struggles in such a logical way, as though “all you have to do is ____”. To see a leader grieve with us, to mourn, to experience the feelings we are feeling, made it more real. I appreciate how transparent you have been in sermons, to share things you struggle with and ways that God has used the trials to bring about change. —M.O.

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your leadership and the many positive changes that have come with your tenure. I thank you for your inspiring sermons with ‘story props’, and using outside video and audio clips, songs, You Tube pieces, etc., to support your message and make it even more memorable and oh so real. I love your transparent ‘realness’. It is always so sincere, sometimes edgy, and I love it.

We live in a secular world, and your mode of delivery and spoken content transcends into that reality for the world that the majority of your listeners live in outside of church walls and ‘churchy’ people. You are… ‘earthy’, so genuine.

I’ll never forget how amazing you handled one particular death in our community, calling it what it was – suicide, in a sermon made for the history books in addressing such a tragedy with such bold, yet comforting words. You were then, as you are always in your delivery, clearly inspired by God Himself.

We have been deeply blessed to have you, Kevin.