“A great message can impact a life forever. Your future could be forever changed through the power of a few well-delivered words. My dream is to change the world, one life, one talk, at a time.”

I understand the need to schedule just the right speaker for your event. For more than 15 years I worked alongside some of the best and most sought after speakers. During that time I learned what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, I learned the best speakers are storytellers.

The right speaker can make or break your event. I have the unique ability to weave together cutting edge content, engaging stories, and practical application in a way that is both humorous and emotionally impactful. One of my favorite tools is the power of the a-ha moment, where the audience together experiences a transcendent moment of personal discovery.

I bring over a decade of experience in speaking to groups both large and small, and I am equally comfortable and compelling in front of groups ranging in size from 12 to 1200 or 12,000.

Thanks for considering me. I am honored and look forward to discussing your needs.

About Kevin.

Kevin has served in churches around the country ranging in size from 1,300 to 30,000. Starting in media and communications positions, he eventually felt God calling him into pastoral leadership.

As a pastor, Kevin is known for his commitment to creativity, passion for practical application, desire for excellence in all things, and commitment to future-thinking. He has seen growth in the toughest of situations and recently saw his church named among the Top 100 Fastest-Growing Churches in America.

Kevin is a lifelong learner, having recently completed doctoral work focused on semiotics and future studies. His research interests focus on the spiritual formation practices of the Early Church and how they may be applied within a modern context.

Most Requested Topics.

Dr. Young speaks most often on topics related to leadership, faith, church, parenting, generational theory, the Early Church, and spiritual formation. He will customize his presentation to meet your specific needs. Each of his talks may be tailored for church, faith-based, or marketplace environments. His goal is always to ensure the outcome you want to create within your audience.

Ancient Future Faith Formation
The Ancient Church developed amazing and creative practices to maintain their spiritual growth during tough times. In this presentation, Kevin helps you rediscover the incredible formation practices of the Early Church and then apply them in fresh ways to your life and/or family.
Generations, Generational Theory
We are becoming drastically disconnected from each other across increasingly deep generational divides. In this presentation, Kevin helps you understand generational differences and then he will teach you how to leverage them for the good of our families, churches, and workplaces.
Generation Z
The Millennials are adults now and a new generation of kids who couldn’t be more unlike the Millennials has arrived. In this presentation, Kevin introduces you to Generation Z and explains why they may be the best thing to happen to us since the Greatest Generation.

What You Can Expect.

  • Connector.

    Prompt and professional communication that is personal and individualized in order to identify and meet your most important needs.

  • Connector.

    Marketing of your event on his blog and social media outlets, assuming the event is open to the public and you desire publicity.

  • Connector.

    A professional, creative, and excellently delivered presentation, crafted to achieve the individual outcomes that you desire for your audience.

  • Connector.

    A unique online resource page, custom-tailored for your event, including free downloads of presentation slides , additional content, and links to additional resources.

  • Connector.

    Post-event followup communication to ensure all expectations were met and to acquire feedback.

What Others Are Saying.

  • “Kevin has natural gifts of expressing himself. His spirit and energy are a tremendous asset. His relational and group-building skills are also some of the best I’ve seen.” —LEN SWEET, Speaker, Author, Theologian
  • “I want to thank you so much for being a part of our conference! There was great feedback about your workshops.” —RICK SOWINSKI, FOCUS Discipleship Conference
  • “I was absolutely blessed beyond measure with Kevin. He brought new insight and application that I had not heard before. What I get when I am in his presence, is someone of great wisdom and a heart for Christ.” —DOUG CARPENTER, Pastor

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