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Kevin is the founder and editor of AncientFutureFaith.com, an online community dedicated to Early Church methods for faith formation. Each weekday, Kevin writes an article that is designed to help readers grow in their faith through ancient Christian practices.

The primary practices that he writes on include: Catechism, the Church Year, Creed, Fasts, Feasts, Pilgrimage, the Divine Office, Rites of Passage, and Saints.

Kevin’s hope is to help the modern Church re-discover the spiritual practices of the Early Church and, in so doing, discover greater wholeness and health.

Upcoming Book.

Kevin has a deep love for the church and its rich history… especially the Early Church. The Jesus-people who lived just after the ink dried on the New Testament faced a tough situation: a world increasingly hostile to Christ and his people.

It was a sticky situation… a lot like the one that the church faces today.

Despite hatred and persecution, the ancient church didn’t just survive, it thrived. A repressed religion became the faith of an empire.

This discovery sent Kevin on a journey to discover how the Early Church flipped the script. If they were able to ignite a spiritual revolution in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, maybe we could as well.

Could the ancient past hold the key to fixing the church’s modern discipleship problems?

Kevin’s doctoral studies have been spent mining the depths of the ancient church’s practices to find the answer to that very question!

He is currently on sabbatical in Tennessee as he finishes his research and puts the finishing touches on his forthcoming book.